How to push temperature and humidity from Telldus API to elasticsearch

Introduction After noticing that logstash now has a http_poller plugin and the fact that Telldus Live provides a JSON API i thought getting the data into elasticsearch for graphing in Kibana would be a piece of cake. It turns it wasn’t really piece of cake but I took the time to piece together the challenges […]

Keep track of your Zimbra 8.7+ server with an ELK stack

Kibana graphs are extremely useful for keeping track of server health! So why not use it to keep track of your Zimbra server? This article describes how to set up grok filters for parsing email relay (inbound, outbound, internal etc.) and spam rejection in the new and awesome postscreen which has really cleaned up spam […]

Sending dicts, lists etc. as arguments to a fabric task using json

A quick tip if you need to send more complex objects than strings to a fabric task. It’s basically just a matter of proper escaping and using python’s json library to parse. Keep in mind: Put single quotes around the “argument” (the whole json string) and use doublequotes in the json structure itself Escape all […]