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How to get Linux NetworkManager to accept DNS servers…

Linux NetworkManager is a great utility that usually “just works”, yesterday I did however notice that I was not able to access an internal network while using an OpenVPN connection through NetworkManager because the domain names were not resolved as they should (my normal DNS was used instead of the DNS that the openvpn server pushes out).

Finding a solution was not easy and there appears to be no way of manually overriding DNS server either. Eventually I found this bug which has been around for a couple of years and is still not solved.

Fortunately the workaround is simple – you need to disable NetworkManager’s use of DnsMasq. This is done by modifying the configuration file. To modify it you need to open it with a text editor (like gedit) as administrator (sudo). Open a terminal and paste this command (right-click and choose paste – ctrl+v doesn’t work in the terminal):

sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

It will ask you for your password and then open the file so that you can put a # before the dns=dnsmasq line (this means this setting is now disabled) and click save and close the text editor.

Disable dnsmasq to get DNS server from openvpn server
Disable dnsmasq to get DNS server from openvpn server

Finally you need to restart the network manager (or reboot):

sudo service network-manager restart


How to log in to eduroam on Högskolan i…

Even though this guide is specific to Skövde University, most of the guide most likely applies to an eduroam network on any university. This guide was tested on Ubuntu 15.04 but probably works for most Linux:es.

First of all you need to download the university’s certificate file, for skövde university you can find the certificate here. Save the ca.cer file to a place where it can be stored permanently, possibly in Document folder or wherever you prefer. Don’t delete this file!

After that, fill in the login details as per the below screenshot, using your university login name and password for the last two boxes.

Note: You need to change the Authentication to PEAP.

Note: In the CA certificate field, choose the certificate file that you downloaded before (ca.cer)

WiFi settings for eduroam network on Ubuntu