How to log in to eduroam on Högskolan i Skövde from Ubuntu Linux

Even though this guide is specific to Skövde University, most of the guide most likely applies to an eduroam network on any university. This guide was tested on Ubuntu 15.04 but probably works for most Linux:es.

First of all you need to download the university’s certificate file, for skövde university you can find the certificate here. Save the ca.cer file to a place where it can be stored permanently, possibly in Document folder or wherever you prefer. Don’t delete this file!

After that, fill in the login details as per the below screenshot, using your university login name and password for the last two boxes.

Note: You need to change the Authentication to PEAP.

Note: In the CA certificate field, choose the certificate file that you downloaded before (ca.cer)

WiFi settings for eduroam network on Ubuntu